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Zuukoh is an agile, expertise-driven online marketing consultancy that turns your small business into the next big thing.

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The robots aren’t taking over. We put the robots to work. Using the beauty of automation, we optimise your online business processes to enable faster, inexpensive deployment for your small business.

Email marketing

Did you know? Email marketing remains the most consistent channel for ensuring ROI. In our experience, however, we know that many small businesses battle to make time to create epic emails for their target audience. We make that easy, inexpensive, and automatic.

Search engine optimization

Most businesses tend to throw their marketing budget at paid advertising instead of trying to grow organically. At Zuukoh, we strongly believe that SEO is the key to success for most businesses in the digital age. We take the "complexity" out of SEO and build a valuable marketing asset that will turn your small business into something big.

Website development

Every business needs a website. Your small business doesn’t have a big budget for it. At Zuukoh, we buck the narrative that your website should cost you more money than it makes for you. At Zuukoh, we counter that norm by using no-code technologies to quickly deploy accessible, affordable, and truly easy to use web solutions for small businesses.

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Automation creates and applies technologies that take the human out of the hard work. Automation optimises business processes to improve the speed, efficiency, and reliability of your small business processes.

As a small business owner, you know the hours you put into making the magic happen. Automation enables you to streamline your online marketing and delivers exceptional results. Automation takes the sweat out of your daily tasks, saving you time, money, energy, and more. Automation helps your business save money, and make more money too.

Email marketing is an essential marketing tool that helps you expand your customer base, grow your sales, and engage with your target audience in ways that hit their inbox. Effective email marketing campaigns help your business stay top of mind for your customers, old and new. The bonus? You can offer promotions, discounts, secret sales, and so much more, easily, with email marketing.

Facts matter. A fax does not. We make your email stand out from the rest. By 2025, it’s estimated that there will be 4.6 billion email users across the globe. That’s a lot of people and a heck of a marketplace. If you don’t know your click-through rate from your open rate, that’s absolutely okay. We make your email marketing campaigns matter, by delivering effective, inexpensive email marketing solutions that land you sales.

Website development encompasses all the elements of your small business website, as it is displayed on the internet. While many people assume that website development is about colour palettes and presentation, the user experience is far more important.

If you’ve ever been told you need to wrangle with a wire frame. If you’ve ever eyeballed an estimate and wondered how you’ll afford website development. If you’ve ever wanted to punch a presentation about website development…then Zuukoh is for you. At Zuukoh, we counter the narrative that your online presence will cost you more money than the money it will make you. We counter the norms that suggest you need a big budget for the best website development. Your small business, and your small budget, can have the best website development. It’s easy, with Zuukoh.

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